Exhibition Scope - 10th China Wood Expo 2021.7.14-16 Shanghai New International Expo Center - Show: logs, sawn timber, Sheet, floor, bamboo, wood products (wooden doors wooden windows stairs huts wardrobe cabinets furniture), woodworking machinery, accessories.
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E2Exhibition Area:

● Timber: Russia timber, wood Europe, North American lumber, wood in South America, Canada, timber, timber Africa, Southeast Asia, timber, new Australian timber, Papua New Guinea and other imported wood materials;Local logs, sawn local / board Lumber, prop, wood, flooring blanks, planed timber, corrosion / retardant modified wood, fast-growing trees, etc.;

● Sheet: plywood, fiberboard, particle board, block board, decorative panels, wood technology, bamboo, building templates, veneer, veneer / veneer, wood flooring, laminated timber (LVL), MDF, timber, finger board, puzzle, wood-plastic composite material, non-wood plywood, fire board, plywood, special types of paper, etc.;
Flooring: wood flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring, outdoor flooring, other types of flooring, all types of wood flooring, flooring blanks, flooring substrate, flooring special types of paper, etc.;

Bamboo: bamboo, bamboo flooring, bamboo products / bamboo handicrafts, bamboo, bamboo veneer, bamboo chopsticks, etc.;

● Wood Products: wood / wooden windows, decorative materials (wood line, etc.), furniture, furniture parts, living wood products, wooden crafts, gardening wood products, outdoor wood products, industrial wood products, wooden crates, wooden pallets, pallets / pallet, stick / pole / handle products, wooden stairs / stair board, wallboard / siding, container flooring / floor structure houses / huts, wooden components, cabinets, handrails, curved wood, sealing trim, paint plates, cork products, etc.;

Woodworking Machinery: wood-based panel equipment, woodworking machinery, woodworking tools, woodworking / wood-based panels accessories, wood drying equipment, modified equipment, wood production equipment, wood dust removal equipment, testing equipment, etc.;

Accessories: woodworking adhesives, floor / furniture / wood coatings, wood preservatives / fungicides, wood stains, Scavenger, timber modifiers, wood / wood-based panels retardants, plywood / floor aids, plywood plastic packaging / inkjet printer, plywood special types of paper, wood flour, etc.;

Others: timber trading company, timber market, certification bodies, forestry agencies, trade associations, transport companies, magazines, research institutions, etc.

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