Transportation Services - 10th China Wood Expo 2021.7.14-16 Shanghai New International Expo Center - Show: logs, sawn timber, Sheet, floor, bamboo, wood products (wooden doors wooden windows stairs huts wardrobe cabinets furniture), woodworking machinery, accessories.
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The exhibition was officially designated transport services company

Important tips:
Pick method
1. transportation services company can provide are:
A cargo delivered directly
B goods delivered to Shanghai Railway Station / Airport / Ground Station
C delivered directly to the entrance of goods
2. For the above pick manner, the exhibitors can choose services according to their needs.
3. You MUST exhibit is scheduled to arrive in Shanghai three days before providing the completed power of attorney, a written notice and the relevant shipping documents and other information and get in touch with transportation services company. For transportation services company in Shanghai arrival of the query. To ensure the safe and timely arrival of the exhibits hall. Otherwise, the resulting delays and transportation services company is not responsible.

Transport Rule see the exhibition manual page.

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