Visa Services - 10th China Wood Expo 2021.7.14-16 Shanghai New International Expo Center - Show: logs, sawn timber, Sheet, floor, bamboo, wood products (wooden doors wooden windows stairs huts wardrobe cabinets furniture), woodworking machinery, accessories.
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Please provide the names of the visa, gender, passport number, date of birth, beginning and ending dates of travel.
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中国签证申请服务中心 中国签证申请服务中心
为了更好地为您服务,我们尽力为中国签证申请人提供最便捷,最快捷的服务。 我们的中国签证申请服务中心遍布全球五大洲,在以下国家和地区开展业务。
In order to better serve you, We try our best to provide the most convenient and quickest service for Chinese Visa applicants. Our Chinese Visa Application Service Centers are located in five continents around the world and exist in the following countries and regions.

1. Where to apply for a visa

     Except for those who explicitly stipulate visa exemption, foreign citizens who come to China should, in principle, apply for visas in advance to Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, offices, the Office of the Commissioner-General in Hong Kong or Macao, or other overseas agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

     Chinese embassies and consulates in foreign countries are divided into consular districts. Applicants should, in principle, apply for visas at their embassies or consulates. In addition to individual nationals who must apply to Chinese embassies and consulates in that country, applicants may also apply for visas from the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate.

     Foreigners who apply for an extension or change of visa after entering the country on an ordinary visa should apply to the public security authority at or above the county level authorized by the Ministry of Public Security.

2. How to submit a visa application

     To apply for a Chinese visa, you must submit:

     (i) Passports that are valid for a period of not less than 6 months from the date of submission and have a blank visa page;

     (2) "Visa Application Form of the Peoples Republic of China" truthfully, completely and clearly filled out and signed by the applicant;

     (3) Photographs of the recent, positive and bareheaded passports (do not accept digital photos of life photos, photocopies or plain paper);

     (4) According to the differences in the reasons for coming to China, other relevant application materials must also be provided;

     (5) other certification materials required by the visa officer regarding the visa application;

     (6) When obtaining a visa, the applicant must pay the visa fee and the express or urgent service fee (if selected).

Visas may be submitted by the applicant personally, or on a voluntary basis, entrusting others to do it on their behalf. However, there are provisions that must be in person on their own, or where the visa officer asks for personal interviews. The applicant is obliged to answer the visa officers inquiry.

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