2022 World Wood and Wood Products Purchasing" Advertising Global Collection - 13th China Wood Expo 2023.8.10-12 Shanghai New International Expo Center - Show: logs, sawn timber, Sheet, floor, bamboo, wood products (wooden doors wooden windows stairs huts wardrobe cabinets furniture), woodworking machinery, accessories.
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"2022 World Wood and Wood Products Purchasing" Advertising Global Collection

Chinese Government Procurement Management Office and the Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of Finance to promote green procurement office, the State Forestry Administration, the unit leader, WWF, the international wildlife trade research organizations, as well as the European Union and the United States, Australia and other experts to discuss "International Wood and Wood Products green procurement "seminar held in Beijing, with the illegal action is gradually strengthening the global fight against logging and timber trade. "Environmental labeling products in government procurement list" of products are standards embodied in the environmental certification mark for wood and paper products standards. Environmental certification mark ten ring known as certification that the product quality is not only qualified, but also in the production, use and disposal process to meet specific environmental requirements, compared with similar products, with low toxicity and less harmful, saving resources and other environmental advantages. GPP woodwork should have three conditions: First, legitimate sources of raw materials, sustainable; second, the production process environmentally friendly energy; third, after the use of recyclable products.

In order to effectively implement the global forest conservation and sustainable management, in accordance with international trade rules and their actual establishment and improvement of regulations, standards and management team of timber production and trade. Wood has been engaged in the show Shanghai Pingji Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. Specially compiled "2015 World Wood and wood products procurement." China Wood Association, China Forestry Association, the American Association of Wood, Wood, France, Sweden, sawmill Association, Association of Finnish sawmill Wood support.

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Wood and wood products suppliers:
Wood and wood products worldwide suppliers and products.
Forestry information:
Forestry resources, information, investment information, renewable energy information, market prices.
Wood Exhibition:
Wood worldwide large-scale professional exhibition.
Wood and wood products identify:
Wood and wood products identify.

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